Lost Acre Hobby Farm

The Chicken Project                                      


Here are the chickens. Haven't had the greatest luck but it is improving.

This is Calli, the California White, and Rocky, the Barred Plymouth Rock

This is Snowflake and belongs to my 7yr. old daughter

I think this is a Silver Laced Wyandotte?

This is Black Beauty my 4yr old daughters chicken

Some of the young chickens waiting to go into the pen for the night.

Well the eggs hatched and this is what we have from them.

Here are the seven guinea keets.


These are the golden buffs.



The Welsummer mixes

I don't know what these are.


My sons turkey. We had three of five hatch and lost two.


Daisy the feathered leg bantam



These are my splash cochins.

 This is our one of our young chickens that is in the hospital. One of the dogs got her and broke her leg. I splinted it with little hope but the other day i unwrapped it and she is starting to use it a little so she might just be okay.

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