Lost Acre Hobby Farm

The Duck and Turkey Project                                  

Ducks are a cute addition to any yard in my opinion. Yes they make a terrible mess of their water and some can be loud. I don't mind though even if they sit under my bedroom window and quack all night. The ducks are mostly my sons project as are the turkeys. We have four Pekins, one Cayuga, and one Ancona. We plan to get some more Cayugas and Anconas plus we have found some other very useful breeds we will be adding in the near future. We try to stick to dual purpose as best we can. If the turkey eggs hatch they will be Bourbon Reds. I'm not sure what i think of having turkeys yet but i know what i think of turkey meat so they might be good idea.

Here are our first three Pekins. One is a drake so we got lucky there. 

These are the new ducks.


Turkey picture coming soon.

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