Lost Acre Hobby Farm

The Goat Project                                       

The goat project started with one doe, Ginger, and a wether, Goat Boy, to keep her company. Well two just isn't enough. I added Cinabon and Starrynight for my son. Cinabon came with her son so i gave him to my daughter and she named the little guy Fred. My son is hoping to show Starrynight next year.

The Herd                                        &#

 This is Ginger and Goat Boy. This is one of my favorite pictures of them. They stood there for about five minutes and the chickens just kept piling on. These two are my favorites. Shhhhh don't tell the other goats. I'm sure it is because they were my first. Ginger is the only one that talks to me though so that could be why. When she first got here she was dreadful on the milk stand but after about three weeks she finally settled down. Goat Boy is Gingers best friend. He can't stand to be apart from her. He cries like a baby if she isn't with her. He was a bottle baby but sometimes i think he thinks Ginger is his mama.


Next is Starrynight. Starrynight is Goat Boys daddy. He's a nice buck, especially when i have treats. He is the newest here so i don't know him real well yet. So far he seems to be pretty calm and gentle.


This is Cinabon and her son Fred. She is the biggest pain in the rump of all of them. Actually she is the only pain in the rump i have. The only time she is ever in the pen is to eat and then she hops back out. She sleeps with the dogs under the house and many nights i have woken up to find her sleeping on top of my van. She is always trying to get into the house for the special feed and is often successfull. We then drag her back out so she try allover again when the door opens. I have often wondered if she thinks she is a dog. When i leave the dogs chase me to the end of our drive and to the top of the hill, then they turn around and go home. One day i checked my mirror and saw her standing on the hill with the dogs. When i got home she was in the pen as though nothing had happened.


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