Lost Acre Hobby Farm

The Rabbit Project                                      

Of all the things going on here this has been the most heartbreaking and frustrating. A snuffles outbreak killed off my best breeders, some would have been best breeders and sixteen babies. I think the total, when all said and done, was about 24 dead rabbits. Final count left me with seven bucks and two females one of which i had to put down due to a freak accident. So i began my search for new does and found six beautiful girls; two white new zealands and four black mix new zealands. I haven't named them yet and won't till they pass quarantine. I also picked up another harlequin mix doe at swap and if she's anything like the harlequin mix buck i have she will be great. I lost bunny and victor in the same hour. Victor had been awol for a few weeks and when we caught him he had a huge worm in his neck. Probably warbles, and i thin it had eaten through his esophogus. Bunny had snuffles, not sure where he got it, but one day he was fine and the next day he was dead. So now i have just one buck till Crazy Jake and Spots are older. I'm not sure Crazy Jake is a boy though so we'll have to wait and see.

These are the six new does i got. In this picture they had just gotten home and the little ones wanted to see them before they moved to their cages. I have alot of hope for these girls and i really hope this goes better than the first round of rabbits. I will be getting a special buck just for them to ensure quality of future offspring.

This is another new doe i got at swap. Based off of what i was told about "Bunny" she should also be a harlequin mix. When she comes of age i will breed her to Bunny.

 This is Bunny. He was supposed to be a she according to the breeders. Oh well, he has turned out to be a nice buck. Bunny died.

This is one of Lylahs and Spiros boys. There was another one but he is now living free as he escaped. I do see him from time to time and still have hopes of catching him. I'm still waiting to see how this one turns out. So far i think he'll be taking his fathers place.

This is Victor. He was supposed to be a standard size rabbit but i'm thinking not. I'll breed him to someone bigger and then use his offspring to hopefully get closer to a standard size rabbit. I'd get rid of him but he's my sons. Victor died.

The last of the bunch are what's left from my sweet Floppy. She got the snuffles and i had to put her down. Two of her babies survived so i am grateful for that. The tan one is Crazy Jake and the spotted one i have been calling Spots cause i'm still not sure if it's a doe or buck. I hope it's a doe. Spots ears finally went down the other day as did Crazy Jakes.

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